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Adopter Checklist


Prior to Adoption


  • Submit your Adoption Application online.  Please make sure to answer all of the questions on the application, and to provide complete contact information for both your personal references and vet reference.   This will ensure that we can process your application in a timely manner.  Also, please don’t use your vet reference as a personal reference.


  • Call your veterinarian and authorize them to release medical information to us so that we can complete our vet check.


  • Notify your personal references that we will be contacting them via email and ask them to check their email regularly for our reference check request.   Ask them to check their Spam folder also.


  • Check your own email regularly for messages from Save A Lab.  Make sure you that check your Spam folder as well. 


  • If you are renting, notify your landlord that we will be contacting them to verify that you are authorized to adopt a lab.


  • Once you are approved, you will receive an approval email from our Adoption Coordinator.  At that point, she will work with you to schedule “meet and greet” visits with any dogs in your area that you may be interested in adopting.


At the time of Adoption


  • Bring a leash and collar for your new dog.


  • Ensure that you receive copies of your dog’s medical records from the foster.


  • Both the adoption agreement and adoption fee will need to be submitted online before you can take your new dog home.  Our volunteers will give you instructions on how to complete the agreement and pay the adoption fee.   Please make sure that you use the rescue’s name for the dog on the agreement, so that it will match our records.


After Adoption


  • Schedule a visit with your veterinarian.  Make sure that you purchase heartworm prevention for your new dog.  We also recommend that a fecal test is administered during this initial visit.


  • If you are adopting a puppy, your puppy may require additional booster vaccines.  You will need to give copies of your puppy’s medical records to your vet, so that your puppy will remain on schedule with his/her vaccinations.   Note that all puppies must receive a rabies vaccination when they are between three and four months of age; this is required by law.


  • If your dog is microchipped, please ensure that you contact the microchip provider and update your dog’s chip with your information.  


  • We strongly recommend that you purchase pet insurance for your new family member.  Pet insurance can significantly reduce your costs if your dog becomes ill, and there are a variety of plans available to accommodate most budgets.  Some plans do have a waiting period before coverage begins, so we recommend enrolling as soon as possible.


  • Remember that your new dog will need time to adjust to your home.  It is important to be patient during this adjustment period and provide plenty of love and stability.   Make sure you set up a routine for your dog, and be consistent with house training.   We also suggest limiting your dog’s freedom in the house during this period.